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How to Polish Faded Rugs ? Exposure to light



How to Polish Faded Rugs ? Exposure to light

How to Polish Faded Rugs? 

Exposure to light, dirt, and wear will cause rugs to discolor and appear matt and dirty.

Before buying a new rug you can recover your faded rug with the following tips.

1. Sweep the Rug

Sweep the rug in detail before the process. It is also possible to shake off the dust from small rugs.

2. Use Borax

Mix a quarter of a cup of salt, vinegar, and Borax in a bowl. This cleaning mixture should be of a soft stiffness.

3. Apply Mixture

Distribute the mixture onto the stains. Allow the mixture to dry naturally for 2-3 hours. Then remove the mixture with the help of a cloth and warm water. Finally, dry the rug thoroughly.

How to Remove Cigarette Smoke Smell From Rug? 

Insidious cigarette smoke penetrates deep into rugs. This leaves an undesirable and very irritating odor. However, you can get around with this simple method.

1. Sprinkle Several Kilos of Baking Soda

Sprinkle several kilos of baking soda on the rug. Make sure the baking soda reaches all over the rug. Then, It’s better to get away from home all day if possible.

2. Sweep The Baking Soda

When you return home, your first duty should be to sweep the baking soda from the rug. After sweeping, you will notice that the smell of disgusting cigarette smoke is absorbed by the baking soda and the rug smells very good.


How to Carry Rugs?

When carrying rugs from one residence to another, it is very important that they do not become worn. Here, what to consider when carrying rugs?

1. Check The Cleanliness Of The Rug

Vacuum is generally a good method for quick cleaning. If stains are present and the rug will remain in the storage for a while, be sure to clean the rug before shipping.

2. Wrap Or Fold The Rug

It is the right way to wrap or fold it properly when you carry the rug. This prevents the rug from wearing.

3. Wrap The Rug For Protection

When moving, you need to wrap the rug with canvas or a fabric. Thus, the rug is protected from moisture, dirt and other factors. Avoid using nylon packing for wrapping.

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