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How To Rugs Protected from Moth Damage?



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How To Rugs Protected from Moth Damage?

Moths are the biggest enemy of rugs. Detecting them early protects your money and rugs protected.


You can try the following ways to protect rugs from moth damage:

1. Keep The Rugs Clean

Cleaning is the best defense against moth infestation. Because moths live in dusty and dirty areas. Therefore, always clean the rugs before storing.

2. Always Ventilate

Especially in moist and dusty environments, moth formation is high. When using rugs, subject them to frequent sweeping, wiping and ventilation.

3. Make Professional Wash Once a Year

You can have your rugs washed by a professional company once a year. In this way a comprehensive wash will be more deterrent to moths.


How to Be Understand Antique Rugs

It is wrong to consider every old rug as antique. For an old rug to be considered antique, it must have many features other than its age. Whether a rug is antique can be determined according to the following characteristics:

Physical Properties

The age of the rug, the use of root paint, the rare presence of an old and worn appearance may indicate that it is antique.

Regional Properties

The materials used in antique rugs, 
colors, weaving techniques and dimensions may vary depending on the local characteristics. Because the material properties and weaving techniques used by each region are generally different.


How to Clean Formidable Stains On Rugs?

Since rugs are used constantly, too many formidable stains occur on them. For these formidable stains, different solutions may be required. Here are some formidable stains and solutions:

Oil Or Meal Stain

You can remove meal or oil stains with the help of shampoo or Arab soap.

Lime Or Wall Paint Stain

You should remove excess stains with a dry cloth and then wipe them with a wet cloth. If you still have the stain then you should clean it with Arab soap.

Oil Paint Stain

You can clean the oil stain on the rug by wiping it with thinner, turpentine essence or neft.

Ink Stain

Pour a lot of water before the ink stain dries and let the ink flow. Then wipe the stained area with detergent or Arab soap and rinse thoroughly.

Fruit And Beverage Stain

Immediately wipe off such stains with plenty of water, then with soapy water or detergent and rinse.

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