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Social Media Marketing Examples That Work



Social Media Marketing Examples That Work

Social Media Marketing Examples That Work

Social media is basically the use of various social media platforms and sites to promote an entity or a product. Though traditional terms like digital marketing and e-marketing are quite dominant in academia, social media marketing has become popular for researchers and practitioners alike. This kind of marketing employs the use of the social web to market a product or service instead of a more traditional marketing strategy. The main reason behind this shift is that the majority of the people who shop online do not spend hours browsing the Internet. They simply click on a brand name or a product image and then proceed to make a purchase decision. In such a scenario, social media helps in capturing the attention of potential customers and helps them make a purchase decision quickly.


This is done by creating profiles, adding friends, and following the various communities on the social networks. For example, Facebook now allows businesses to create pages that can be easily seen by the users and follow the various feeds and activities of the organization. Twitter is another good example of social media, which enables organizations to tweet using the appropriate hashtag related to their business domain and then get displayed in timelines. With the help of these social networks, one can also promote the organization through various actions such as sending private messages and comments and voting on different issues and news stories.


Another important channel used in the above strategies is the blog post. Blogs have gained tremendous popularity on social networks because they help in circulating information immediately. A company can write blog posts on various topics related to its industry or product and then get these posted on various community-based social networks. By visiting such sites and reading the blog posts written by other users, one can get a fair idea about the issues and feedbacks regarding the product or services in question. In turn, this information can prove to be beneficial for the company in the form of improved customer relations and hence leads to increased sales.


A new way of using the above-mentioned strategies is by creating YouTube videos for the same purpose. The videos can be made on the basis of any information related to the product or services offered by the organization and can be posted on various community-based social networks. In the social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., the videos can be created in a video format and can be published by the users. If the videos are liked by the users, they can be submitted to the search engines which results in increased traffic towards the organization’s website.


Another effective strategy in the social media marketing scheme is viral marketing. This is done by getting a viral marketing campaign going. The name itself explains that the campaign is viral in nature and that it spreads by means of various social networks and can reach to people worldwide within no time. A perfect example of such a social campaign can be witnessed in the movie “The Social Network,” in which the main character can attain a level of popularity by sharing his or her personal videos on the community-based social network.


Images and photographs also constitute one of the most important social media marketing examples. The images or photographs can be posted on different social networking sites like, Facebook, MySpace, etc., which provide the facility of free posting to everyone. Irrespective of the identity and the country, an image can be posted on any of these sites and any such content will attract more viewers and also more comments if it is interesting enough. For instance, a photograph of an Indian woman can be posted on Facebook and she can interact with other members of the community and this will generate more traffic. Similarly, for businesses, an image of their brand can be posted on the site and this will help them in creating a positive buzz about the brand among the users. A brand must be able to plan everything before its occurrence and must have an idea about its target audience and how best to reach them through social media marketing.

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