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What Makes The Persian Rug So Valuable




What Makes The Persian Rug So Valuable

Even though we do not have specific information about carpets, Iran is one of the first countries that come to mind when it comes to carpets. Persian rugs have always been described as special and precious carpets.

What Makes The Persian Rug So Valuable

Considered the founder of the Persian empire, II. When Cyrus conquered the city of Babylon in 539 BC, he was fascinated by the carpets in the palace and took the necessary steps for the development of this handicraft. In the light of written sources, one can easily say that the Persian rug has at least 2500 years of history. In this context, this handicraft, which has been preserved and developed for 2500 years, has become a symbol that carries Iranian civilization, history, poetry, wine, and stories, rather than being an object.

Silk and wool threads were used in the production of these carpets. With the addition of vegetable dyes and original weaving techniques with the material used, Persian Rugs have become one of the most valuable carpets in the world.

Dyes Used in Persian Carpet

Before the use of synthetic dyes, all dyes were natural and herbal. Chemical compounds extracted from coal have also expanded the chemical paint manufacturing industry. Most carpet manufacturers today prefer chemical dyes because they are both cheaper and easier to use. However, most Persian producers still prefer natural dyes because they have no side effects and are more suitable for health.


Considerations When Buying a Persian Rug

The Knot Count

The number of knots is one of the most important features to be considered in a hand-woven Iranian Carpet. A carpet that can be considered as good quality should have at least 120 knots per square inch. Although it may not seem possible to count this for a buyer, the knots on the back of the carpet will give you the necessary information. If you have noticed the standard knots of a machine-made carpet, it will show you that the carpet is not hand-woven.


The Material

As mentioned, Iranian Carpets are produced with wool, silk, and a mixture of both. Those made entirely of silk will attract you with their extremely beautiful and bright appearance. The most commonly used material is wool. The quality of the wool used varies according to the type of sheep used, the climatic characteristics of the region where the sheep are raised, the quality of the pastures where the sheep are fed, and the shearing time of the sheep. No matter which of these materials, when you encounter a quality handmade Iranian Carpet, you will immediately realize that it is different from the machine-made ones.


Determine Its Use

You should decide well where and for what purpose you will use the Iranian Carpet you are considering to buy. Carpets made of silk are preferred mostly for decorative purposes due to their delicate structure. If you are looking for Iranian Carpets for decorative purposes, you can choose ones made of silk. Wool carpets are extremely durable and will be a more suitable choice for long-term use by laying on the floor.

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